CHoreography Teachers

One or more of our talented choreographers creates a routine to teach to your performers! 

CHOREOGRAPHY Tutorial Videos

Learn custom choreography via tutorial videos! Great for those not from the Bay Area. 

HIRE Performers for your event!

Hire a group of professional dancers to perform at your event in a variety of different dance styles!

Grand Waltz


15 hours of practice minimum

Embrace was founded on specializing in teaching the Grand Waltz. The dance is usually performed at the beginning of Filipino Debuts, Cotillions, and Quinceañaras.

As many events have evolved and grown over the years in its meaning and customs, the style of Grand Waltz has also developed and grown. Combining a mix of formations, sways, and turns, the style is flexible to fit the skill level of any dancer. Over the years, Embrace has developed a contemporary style of waltz influenced by various styles of ballroom, folk, and even urban dancing. This flexibility makes the Grand Waltz easy to pick up, amazing to watch, and always a great experience for performers and audiences alike.

No. of Songs: 1-2 songs

Routine Length: 3-5 min.

No. Dancers: 3-9 pairs

Hours of Practice: 15-25 hours



15 hours of practice minimum

Cha-Cha is an upbeat Latin dance that is great to spice up any event. Loosely following its Cuban origins, Embrace teaches a modernized version of a typical Cha-Cha. Embrace’s style combines moves from traditional Cha-Cha with the easy to follow footwork from American and Filipino line dances.

Another variation known as Hip-Cha takes the modernized Cha-Cha to the next level! Hip-Cha combines the edgy moves of hip-hop and combined it with the modern Cha-Cha to create a uniquie style all its own! Hip-Cha is one of Embrace's unique specialties.

These dance has been typically used for events that want to put in a fun twist, giving something more unexpected and unique for audiences to enjoy. Cha-Cha and Hip-Cha are overall more upbeat and fun partner dances that contrasts well with the slower, more elegant paced Grand Waltzes

No. of Songs: 1-2 songs

Routine Length: 2-4 min.

No. of Dancers: 3-9 pairs

Hours of Practice: 15-25



10 hours of practice minimum

What better way to start off any event than with a Grand Entrance? Setting the tone of the night, the Grand Entrance is a great way for newlywed couples, birthday girls, cotillion courts, or anyone else you can think of, to start the party off right.  

Choreography can consist of a variety of styles from ballroom to hip-hop and everything in between. The only limit is your imagination. Collaborate with us, and we can make an entrance that will have everyone excited for what the rest of the night will bring!

No. of Songs: 1-2 songs

Routine Length 1-3 min.

No. of Dancers: 5-18 dancers

Hours of Practice: 10-20 hours

Flash Mob

flash mob.png

15 hours of practice minimum

Flash Mobs are one of the easiest ways to wow your audience at any event. Along with the surprise factor, Flash Mobs are performances full of energy and fun. These performances can be some of the most creative pieces to put together, involving some acting, interaction with the venue, and of course dancing!

Like Grand Entrances, Flash Mobs are not limited to one style of dance. Traditionally Flash Mobs are performed with simple, Hip-Hop style-esque choreography where more and more people join in on the fun as the song progresses. Styles however can range from ballroom to even Polynesian!

Work together with us to surprise your guests with an amazing Flash Mob routine!

No. of Songs: 1-5 songs

Routine Length: 3-5 minutes

No. of Dancers: 15-50 dancers

Hours of Practice: 15-25 hours



15 hours of practice minimum

Hip-Hop Sets are a fun and energetic mix of urban dance styles.

Taught by a team of choreographers, dancers will perform to an assortment of different kinds of songs from rap, R&B, pop, and sometimes even rock. Popular ways Hip-Hop Sets performances are incorporated into events are as surprise performances or a secondary performance to a Grand Waltz.

The style is flexible, and creativity is limitless. As one of the more lively and free form styles of dance, Hip Hip Sets are perfect for livening up any event and getting people up and onto the dance floor.

No. of Songs 1–4 songs

Routine Length: 3–5 min.

No. of Dancers 5–18 dancers

Hours of Practice: 15-25

Father-Daughter Dance

father daughter.png

6 hours of practice minimum

The Father-Daughter Dance is a performed in many different formal occasions. The dance is a symbol of the father’s love and support towards his daughter throughout her lifetime.

Father-Daughter Dances typically are slow and heartfelt, dancing waltz choreography to a meaningful ballad. However, some may choose to spice up the performance with some fun cha-cha or hip-hop choreography.

In either case, the Father-Daughter Dance is always a touching moment in any event, but can also be amazing to watch!

No. of Songs 1–3 songs

Routine Length: 2–3 min.

No. of Dancers: 2 dancers

Hours of Practice: 6-10 hours


first dance.png

6 hours of practice minimum

The First Dance is a tradition in most weddings where two people share their first dance together as a wedded couple.  We hope that through our choreography, we make this single moment become a lasting memory.

The style used in a First Dance involves turns and sways, utilizing the entire dance floor in elegant and flowing choreography. Some also may choose to break it down with some Hip-Hop, Salsa, or Cha-Cha choreography. 

The First Dance can easily be one of the many highlights of any wedding. Why not give it that extra push to really make it memorable for your loved ones?

No. of Songs 1–3 songs

Routine Length: 2–3 min.

No. of Dancers: 2 dancers

Hours of Practice: 6-10 hours


Do you want a professional performance to spice up your event but don't have the people or the time to practice? Hire our performers to come dance for you! Embrace has access to a wide assortment of performance groups that can add the right flavor to your event!







Let us know how we can be the cherry on top of your event or anything else! Please describe in detail what you are looking for and we will make it happen!