Event Filming

Do you want the memory of the night to last forever? Now it can, thanks to our event filming service. Embrace has a seasoned team of videographers and editors to help capture every moment of the night! From morning preparation to dancing the night away, Embrace will ensure to document every step of the way. 


Embrace offers a variety of professional photography services for your event. With a team of at least two photographers, Embrace will handle full event coverage – photos of you, your mom and dad, your aunties and uncles, and everyone else you invited to the party – and also produce professional portrait sessions at your favorite scenic locations. You will also have the opportunity to turn these once-in-a-lifetime moments into prints and a printed, hardcover photo book with selected photos from your event.

Slideshows & Montages

Slideshows are a great way to have something for your guests to look at throughout the night. Slideshows and montages are a great way to show your journey to that event whether it is growing up, falling in love, or graduating. Embrace will help you tell the story of these memories through pictures, music, text, and even sometimes video.